To Serve Man

by Communion of Thieves

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Joshua Kutras
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Joshua Kutras Saw COT open up for Brainoil and Iron Lung, and holy shit they fucking killed it. Expect to hear the name Communion of Thieves a lot in the coming years, they have the chops ladies and gentlemen... Favorite track: Black Earth.
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    This album "To Serve Man" is the third work produced by C.O.T. Tracks "Beauty Beyond an Image" and "Inocencia Interrumptida" are re-recorded and taken off of a special demo that was produced for No Thanks Fest 2011. Track "Pasos Libres" and "El Destierro" are also remastered from the mentioned demo. Album is available for free download. Donations/cooperative support are welcome!

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Communion of Thieves
"To Serve Man"
Recorded 2012 by: Culture War DIY


released August 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Communion of Thieves El Paso, Texas

Spring 2010. Communion of Thieves. The content of the lyrics focus on the border, religious, and governmental oppression issues affecting the peoples of our region.

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Track Name: Bottomless Execration
sirens screaming, buildings burning
swat teams savoring the clashes to come
molotov cocktails, soaring like a phoenix
whispers of revolution..

the course of human history has been the struggle
for being free, or being ravished
those deemed undesirable by the elite
sentenced as obsolete

the tactics used by these masters to ensure survival
a revelation of the raw brutality of human nature..

deep inside you will find
seeds that bring forth dispair, and corruption
arrogance of mankind
eventual and imminent destruction

and the destruction is predicted
but predictions can be re-written
though bound by prophecy
we settle for this life
not saving the multitudes,
a self loathing attitude

burn the bridge the grey lands will shine again
enlightened by the protection of the mind and motive
freedom lies in the demise of their lives
protection, resistance to their blinded curse
burn the bridge the grey lands will shine again..
Track Name: Beauty Beyond an Image
for the tears of our women, for the young eyes that see this
their portrayal of perfection cost minds with cold deception
in the depths of your soul lies true beauty,
and the wrongs you right are needed truly do stop them from removing self thinking!

a goal that only they set
is for you to look in the mirror and sit
farther down than the rest
because you're not their perfect image

the fruits that they plant will rot!
only for them to wash their hands and go non-chalant
but the truth lies inside where you and your thoughts reside!
Track Name: Inocencia Interrumptida
bienvenidos al infierno, tus lagrimas derraman al pasar
los infantes inocentes no pueden descansar.
no podemos dejar los sufrir,
aya tu vas y tu vas a morir
te quedas ahi la sangre se seca nadien piensa en ti,

entraste al el abismo patria al infierno
no podemos ver los caller
ellos voltean sus espaldas
los suenos de los ninos atormentan sus almas
por la ambicion inhumana de los bombres sin
piedad y sin amor
ensclavisan una entera sociedad
con sus matancias injustas
una guerra sin victoria
los que quedan a sufrir...

adelante, que prospere tu alma!
salte de este infierno
que tus padres construyeron!
ve la vida como una leccion
que no todo el dinero es liberacion!
desatate de el infierno alcanza la paz en tu interior!
Track Name: Black Earth
there was a time when liberty
was expressed rather than oppressed
all that was is now exiled
the fields of admiration for our land was avahst

the decline of man began, our origin was bound by religion
contagion and warfare education
it was the fall of an empire
humanity will suffer

this cycle makes us thirst
but with this bloddy slaughter our kings won't be parched
we all sit neck to neck and blinded by a shadow
you can't see the fire? how can we start this march?

our fibs will show out moron crime
they keep our brothers and sisters in darkness
while they sleep in the comfort of their own crimson exploits

after all of our efforts were broken down
with no hope for a better route
left insecure and numb to emotion.
my sould is devoured by your black tower
Track Name: Pasos Libres
vandalos no duermen, hasta cuando ellos quieren
aprenden la ley de la calle para un dia ellos reinar!
una falsa idea de vivir donde las dudas no terminan
robar pedasos de calambre, para vender, para comer..

abusados por oficiales, ellos desvian la verdad
el dinero que nos quitan
sus alarmas gritan guerra, obligados a pelear
terminamos en un hospital
confundidos con esta ingrata realicacion!

eliminan mis opciones, los caminos que aparecen para el pobre..
no se apetecen! desobediencia es libertad!
hemos visto la crueldad!
nos encierran en la carcel para controlar
la rabia de nuestro llanto!
los caminos se eliminan, los pobres
a donde caminan?